American Indian Movement warriors occupying Wounded Knee in February 1973

Occupy Austin’s Indigenous Struggle Solidarity Statement

Approved by the Occupy Austin General Assembly (7pm) on 10/8/11

Occupy Austin recognizes that the land now referred to as Austin, Texas is already occupied. It was stolen from the indigenous peoples, including the Tonkawa and Apache, in a genocide against indigenous peoples that continues to this day.

Before colonization, this land was the home to several truly sustainable cultures; cultures that were integrated into the land-base, cultures that did not have to worry about corporate influence on the political process. These cultures were destroyed and are being destroyed by the corporate state, starting with Columbus’ state-sponsored invasion of North America more than five hundred years ago. This invasion is not something to celebrate.

Occupy Austin recognizes that the injustice of colonization by the culture of the corporate state is a wrong that must ultimately be righted, and as such we stand in solidarity with the struggles of indigenous peoples in North America and all over the world.

<end of statement>

For more information on such matters, please check out: DGR Indigenous Solidarity Guidelines, a href=””>,,,,,,,

9 thoughts on “Occupy Austin’s Indigenous Struggle Solidarity Statement

  1. I’m not sure I understand this. What is the point? To work to give back Austin to the Indigenous peoples? How does this help hold congress and their clients at Wall St. accountable?

  2. You guys Rock!! Stay strong my friends!..
    Corporations have trashed the inner cities for their own benefit. Minorities are the most effected- this becomes the last overt racism in plain view. These days rich companies are too smart to say or impart something racist- but the effects of the greed are immensely and destructively racist. Help us to make these corp.s pay to clean up and “greenify” inner city Arizona. Help stop Corporate racism!

    Send us a snap shot!
    We want to expose corporations that destroy urban areas for profit.
    We hope to post as many photos and videos on our website of Eco-Racism, and Eco-classism.

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  4. May I suggest that the Occupy Austin acknowledge that current-day Indigenous peoples who are the title owners of the land currently under occupation by ‘Texas’, never relinquished nor ceded our lands which are in ongoing contestation. The customary and traditional lands–where Austin is currently located–are still held in Aboriginal Title by Indigenous peoples, such as the Lipan Apaches of Texas, who were designated as the Aboriginal Title owners, per Docket – 22, Indian Claims Commission.

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  6. Ya Ta Say my Apache brothers and sisters in Austin. I stand with you, even though I am far away. I am only part Apache, but I am part of you, and you are part of me, nonetheless, and always will be. May we all prevail…this time.

    Ka Dish Day…
    Charlotte Gilmour
    (Little White Deer)

  7. in 1973 the indians portrayed in this photo were of the lokota indian nation and it all started with some dumb ass shop keeper calling the fed’s over some supposedly stolen boots . i was a child of 12 and i rember it well

  8. The land that was, and still is being taken away from the Indian people is outrageous. I am saddened by what is happening with DeBoers and diamonds in northern canada. These diamonds are ‘blood diamonds ‘ to me.

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