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Deep Green Resistance had the honor recently of conducting a video interview with long-time peace activist and organizer with Veterans for Peace, Doug Zachary. Zachary, an Austin resident and now a DGR member himself, describes personal experiences seeing and feeling the tragedy of industrial civilization’s destruction of habitat and life.

This interview was conducted for a DGR documentary in progress, On the Side of the Living.

We are really excited that a documentary film is being done about Deep Green Resistance! This video is the introduction and features spoken words by Saba Malik and Rachel. Please share widely.

Deep Green Resistance is a social-justice environmental organization, with a coherent strategy for the environmental movement. We are 100% volunteer-run. Our website has now been translated into several languages, including Russian – check it out: www.deepgreenresistance.org

We are a pro-woman organization, and we stand in solidarity with feminists, people of color, and indigenous peoples. We have published guidelines for activists to be better allies with each other and with marginalized groups, and you can read these guidelines by going to our website and clicking on the “What We Do” tab.

We have a membership process for full-fledged membership, and more informal opportunities for volunteers.

We remain focused on solidarity with the Wild, and Love is our Cause.