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Hi Ya’ll ~

Deep Green Resistance recently published an extended Q & A on Gender and Feminism in order to  promote community education on our roots-oriented position.

You may ask – “why does this matter?”  It matters because gender hurts us all, in its perpetration of a culture that seeks to define and control the human child’s behavior based upon their sex rather than their unique expression of identity and its many creative expressions.

Tiger Girl

With a deep respect for ecology, the natural world, and the creation of respectful & sustainable human culture as our compass, we consider the artifice of gender a foundational realm of oppression, and a hierarchy that limits human potential.  From this roots-oriented (Radical) understanding we call out gender as an oppressive caste system that needs to be criticized and dismantled so that all of us – each and every one – can be free and safe to express their full range unique self in the body we are born with.

The deep green view also honors the human rights issues of those who’ve been victims of sex-selection and genital mutilation surgery (forcible circumcision) in infancy before the age of informed consent.  Deep Green principles also apply in criticism of recently skyrocketing profit-oriented cosmetic surgeries (whether for trans* purposes or dysmorphia purposes).  And, we place an extremely high value upon compassionately protecting safe spaces:

  • for socialized females (those raised from birth as females) some of whom feel safer without socialized male observation or influence, and some of whom wish to freely discuss topics pertaining specifically to the lived experience of growing up with a changing female body in a rape culture, and navigating a rape culture as an adult.
  • for those who identify as trans* to be safe to gather with each other and focus on emergent experiences, and for diverse and lesser known voices, such as intersex and re-transitioning trans* persons who also may need assurance of safe space.


    Because of speaking out critically on the topic of gender and radical feminism, Deep Green female activists have been met with rape threats, physical intimidation and assault, accusations of “Transphobia” and blacklisting by some – all of which makes it even more evident that the construct of gender perpetuates patriarchal values which hurt us all.

Love & Resistance