We are a young movement, but we have a message that is more unique and strategic than anything else we have seen. The DGR strategy lays out a simple (though not easy) plan.

And this movement is comprised of all kinds of people contributing diverse work according to their circumstances.  Our members & allies donate personal time, energy, and organizing for Deep Green Resistance – and this crucial for creating an effective, concentrated movement.

For those who can also provide financial support, any funding we receive directly empowers national speaking tours, publications, book donations, food for regional conferences, and special projects.

As an aboveground movement, our work is strictly non-violent. Our tasks are simple: to promote the need for an underground, to shift the culture of activism, to normalize resistance, and to build movement towards true justice, sustainability, and equality.

Please consider setting up a monthly support donation, no amount is too small or too large.  Financial support is a crucial part of this work – and our finance reports are stellar!

Yes!  I’d like to donate to DGR 

Gratitude & Resistance

Balcones National Wildlife Refuge

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