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McKinney Falls State Park

Deep Green Resistance Austin has a vision for the future of the land of Central Texas.

One hundred years from now, we can see rivers running free and unrestrained to the gulf with no dams to stop them. We see the creeks and streams that feed these rivers, flowing undeterred by human interference. Rainwater collection is a staple of every building that stands, as are berms and swales that ameliorate the effects of drought. Native plants have reclaimed their rightful place within the landscape, acting as restorers of botanical balance. Damaged land has been bioremediated by dedicated communities of knowledgeable people working with nature to repair broken ecosystems. Large, four-legged animals are returning to the prairies, with buffalo herds once again covering the earth and mountain lions stalking the hills. The red wolf has finally come back home, and with her, the sense that we are not always at the top of the food chain. Cows are disappearing from the fields, allowing the exhausted grasses to thrive once again. Common spaces bursting with healthful edibles are everywhere, accessible to all. The endless noise of civilization has finally faded, allowing us to hear the beautiful symphony of nature that has been blocked out for as long as we can remember.

Our culture has also had to transform. We see ever more autonomous and healing communities practicing direct democracy and moving consciously away from industrial lifestyles. Trade and barter economies have sprung up everywhere, eradicating wage slavery and classes. Communal living is common and accepted, as is nomadism. The punitive justice system is being replaced by a system of restorative justice. Patriarchy is disappearing from our cultural memory, replaced by matrifocal and matrilineal societies. Women have complete reproductive and personal autonomy, as has always been their right. Gender liberation for everyone is one outgrowth of this, as we distance ourselves from harmful myths of the dominant culture’s gender hierarchy. A constant and ongoing process of decolonizing our minds and hearts has begun. Reparation and respect long overdue are being given to the indigenous and other people of color. Creativity has been reawakened by this life-affirming culture shift. The concept of decay has been accepted and embraced, and we are learning how to grieve together. Folk wisdom and storytelling traditions allow us to build communities that share an ethos and an ability to live sustainably in our surroundings.

Our futures extend beyond our lifetimes, as we look forward to seeing what life will be like for our children and for theirs.