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Texas Rises in Solidarity with #Ferguson and #MichaelBrown


Hundreds of people across Texas have staged rallies across the state in solidarity with those in Ferguson, Mo., rallying for justice after the racist police murder of Michael Brown.

Hundreds rallied in Austin to show support for victims of police violence.

In Dallas, where police have killed several Black men in recent years, local politicians unveiled plans Aug. 18 to more thoroughly investigate police shootings. Dallas police representatives have been publicly critical of cops in Ferguson.

In Houston, residents rallied in front of the Houston Police Department in solidarity with Ferguson protests.

As Will Falk writes, “Whether we like it or not, our communities ARE war zones. How else do we account for a black man being killed by cops and vigilantes every 28 hours? How else do we account for more black men in prison than were enslaved in 1850? How else do we account for the fact that one in four American women will be raped in her lifetime? How else do we account for the fact that in America a solid percentage of rape perpetrators are cops? How else do we account for 100 – 200 species a day going extinct? How else do we account for carcinogens in every mother’s breast milk? How else do we account for the 250 trees – with lives as valuable to them as your life is valuable to you – cut down around the world a second?”

More cities in Texas are expected to announce demonstrations soon.

 It’s come to the attention of Deep Green Resistance Austin that a group of individuals who may or may not be connected to Occupy Austin plan to hold a rally outside the offices of Stratfor, a locally based for-profit intelligence company that has had contact with undercover cops within the Occupy Austin movement and that has been speculating about our own organization from the outside – and incompetently so.

We distance ourselves from these individuals and their planned action. They are not members of Deep Green Resistance and do not represent Deep Green Resistance. We do not wish these individuals any ill will, but we believe their chosen course of action for tomorrow is immature, not strategic, and ineffectual in adequately addressing surveillance and repression. Denouncing state and corporate surveillance and repression in this way does not further our capacity to meaningfully resist it.