Deep Green Resistance’s vision is to articulate & encourage a full-range of strategies in response to the current climate catastrophe & urban challenges, and to effectively resist the industrialization that fuels ecocide and indigenous culture destruction.  We encourage the forging of healthy networks in a real & meaningful way within social circles – and neighborhood blocks.  These networks can nurture wise responses and emotional health as we navigate perilous times.  Struggle occurs on many fronts: material support, community building, creating alternatives, and frontline work.

Some examples of personal & community actions include:

* Learning about community supported agriculture and CSA memberships, farmer’s market relationships, and food co-ops.

* Cultivating a living relationship with the land around our dwellings, and all living beings in the natural world.

* Becoming informed on the daily devastations wrought by civilization as we know it (200 species going extinct each day, only 92% of old growth forests gone on earth and more being destroyed each day, infinite growth economies that refuse to stop industry, etc, etc).

* Connecting with regional indigenous peoples to offer ourselves as allies in land rights struggles.

* Donating to indigenous struggles (both Native American and on other continents).

* Participating in nonviolent civil disobedience to raise awareness on a variety of issues. Advocating & educating the greater community on the range of informed choices and strategies available to us.

* Creating neighborhood foot patrols (possibly based upon the example of the highly acclaimed, unarmed Guardian Angels) that build community, provide exercise opportunities in the evening, and cultivate an honorable code of conduct.  These patrols can also be alternative sources of help to check-in on and protect elderly, solitary, or otherwise needy residents during catastrophic weather or civil unrest.

* Creating healthy alternative economies for bartering goods & skills in lieu of cash/credit/banks.

* Organizing bookclubs and film screenings with near & dear that spark creative thinking and community spirit.

* Strengthening local rural relationships and collaboration.

Our futures extend beyond our lifetimes, it’s a fact that we impact future generations.  And the choices we make now, and in a narrow window of the next few years, will determine whether there will be habitable earth left.   The vast majority of climate & scientists are telling us that the biosphere is dying, and quickly.   And inter-disciplinary scientific consensus to urgently influence public leaders & industrial giants is non-forthcoming, due to our culture of compartmentalization and a lack of inter-disciplinary overview.

But when scholars cross-pollinate amidst research fields and analyses, it doesn’t take much investigation to realize that the earth’s biosphere is being killed by largescale industrial abuse of the land and air and water (whether that be for agribusiness crops or organic crops, using billions of gallons of water to extract tiny amounts of oil from tar sands, mining for hybrid electric minerals,  or poisoning remaining groundwater by fracking and oceans by radioactivity & acidification).   It doesn’t take much investigation to realize that if conditions are not turned around, and turned around very quickly, the biosphere degradation will eliminate all life on earth.

We are not dealing with an early 1990s understanding of “Recycle & Renew!  Live Green, and Happy!”  – we have awoken to deeper insights by knowing that the Arctic Cap is now a lake and yet big industry’s nightmare of forest & land destruction and water grabbing go on as if unstoppable.  Indigenous peoples, from the Kalahari Bushmen to the Amazonian forest-dwellers to north American Indians are having their sovereign land rights ignored or stolen by big industry and governmental complicity.

And the children we love, all over the world, (whether biological or adopted in our hearts, whether human or animal) are facing a high likelihood of hardship as the consequences of unsustainable industrial culture are felt far and wide, and the potentially large areas of earth become uninhabitable.   When they look back at us, will they know we did our very best to turn things around?

Our vision is to encourage a service-oriented aboveground movement that creates healthy human culture and advocates for a full range of resistance strategies.   This full range advocacy approach is roots-oriented:  rather than focusing on the symptoms of our planetary crisis, we identify the root causes and change them at the root, beginning with our own personal awareness & responsibility and circling out into the greater community.  Deep Green Resistance recognizes the primacy of creating healthy human relationships now and for the future as crucial.   Our overview incorporates deep ecology, radical feminism that rejects the gender binary and reframes it as a hierarchy that oppresses all, and social justice & human rights for all.

We encourage activists to know the mechanisms of successful resistance movements from history, and remember that everyone has skills & talents, and most of all, heart, to contribute.   Up until now, the Environmental Movement has lacked a resistance strategy.  Deep Green Resistance is all about strategy, from the heart.

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