"Ophelia," by Odilon Redon (1840-1960)

I just got back from walking the dogs in the field over by Black Star Brewery. It’s an undeveloped piece of property full of tall grasses, wildflowers, a few trees, insects, lots of birds, and a man-made pond ringed by cat tails and lily pads. Today we saw red-winged blackbirds. The sun was setting just as a thunderstorm moved into the area, resulting in a pink-orange sky and some of the most spectacular lightning I have ever seen – long, horizontal bolts, flashing from one cloud to another. We walked back in a steady rain, the one dog freaking out with every clap of thunder.

The DGR statement of principles was recently published on the DGR central website, and I thought they represented such a fine, biocentric, and caring approach to political action that I wanted to highlight them here.

In all our discussions about strategy, tactics, security; in all our steps of organizing and networking; in all our propagandizing and arguing; no matter what successes or failures we experience – let us never forget for what we are doing this. We are doing this for the love – and, indeed, for the very continuation – of life.

“We must be biophilic people in order to survive.”

With deep respects to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the choice is no longer between non-violence and non-existence. The choice is between resisting the culture of death, and death.


2 thoughts on “Deep Green Resistance Statement of Principles

  1. is love to share with you guys what I’m already doing to help. Very interested in joining you all. Please let me know when and where you all meet.

  2. I heard an interesting analagy this evening. There are thermometers; (those whocomment on the impending crisis). Then there are themostats(members of the crowd aspire to be that, people who act to cool a heating planet. In my opinion I feel I belong to a third group. Those that realize the radiator is empty. Out of water; water being analagous to sanity. I join those who aspire to do what any SANE driver would do. Pull the car over and turn the engine off. Thank you. Please contact me. I’m doing some pretty cool things in the arena of feeding poor folks free food.now thats conter-culture.

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